Hello friends, it is me, Max!

Hello friends, it is me, Max!

Max Knoblauch is a writer, comedian, actor, and illustrator living in New York City. He is in season one of Netflix’s Russian Doll, and he also writes and performs in comedy videos. He is a performer at the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater in New York, and he was formerly the Humor Editor at Mashable.

Max's work has been featured in Mashable,, Splitsider, Shit Rough Drafts and Hot Hot Phone and he's gotten some really nice rejection emails from other places. Max's videos and illustrations have been covered by E!, BuzzfeedMTV, GizmodoDaily MailSunrise (Australia) and HelloGiggles.

Represented by: Maura Maloney, CESD NY (Comedy)

maxknoblauch [at] gmail [dot] com.

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Twitter: @MaxKnoblauch
Instagram: @maxknobs